Senior Executive & EA/PA Team Workshop


Expert led workshop, designed to help Senior Executives understand how to best work one another and collaborate with their teams and broader organisation.

Great leadership is the cornerstone of great results. In fact, the effectiveness of an organisation’s leaders has a direct impact on employee productivity and commitment when it comes to driving performance and outcomes.

Senior Executive and the EA team receive advice on how to work with one another to create highly effective leadership, in turn making a profound impact within the organisation.

Tailored for you and your team

Are you a newly promoted Executive and/or EA? Are you looking for well-rounded and practical advice to help manage your priorities effectively? Are you finding it difficult to strike the right balance between taking ownership of your team’s goals, and delegating tasks so you can focus on your own careers?

You’re not alone! Many Executives and EAs fail to understand the capacity and capabilities of each other when it comes to supporting the key priorities to not only achieve goals, but to continually deliver.
This in turn leads to complications when it comes to delegation and effective leadership.

Our coaching enables you to foster positive working relationships that will not only enable Executives to fully understand what to expect from their EA, but also help their EA to understand what they themselves can take ownership of.

Your Investment: $4,400 incl. GST



Our workshop helps you to:

  • Create positive and rewarding work-based relationships, that will see Senior Executives and Executive Assistants alike reach career goals. 
  • Transform already great Executives into inspirational leaders with invaluable skills. 
  • Increase employee engagement and strengthen team commitment, while also giving the Executive time to continue to work on their own career trajectory. 
  • Drive productivity, and foster innovation, in order to directly boost portfolio outcomes.
  • Develop advanced communication skills, including maximising verbal and non-verbal interactions,
    listening and questioning techniques to enhance individuals and teams effectiveness.

The workshop

Each workshop is made up of three sessions; two 1.5hr face-to-face sessions and one online work agreement.
Over the course of these sessions we will; 

  • Have a confidential discussion with the each of you, in order to establish a clear understanding of the role and portfolio of delivery. 
  • Provide expert advice, while covering a number of potential scenarios, of how the Executive Assistant and Executive could provide the required level of support. 
  • Work to develop a transition period, that includes clear expectations for all involved. 
  • Provide advice and delivery expectations to each of you so that a trusted and ongoing work agreement can productively continue in full.

I was fortunate my EA found a solution to our ‘next phase’ in working together to conquer a rather large work program. Not only did it provide us with a vision and way forward, but Ursula’s infinite experience to work through our team’s objectives in finding solutions was invaluable. We now have a clear way forward and would definitely book again in the future to set us on the right track once again. I can recommend Capital EA for any Executive/EA team to help decipher a positive way forward, thus greater outcomes and impact on both me and my team.

— Senior Executive, NSW Transport

Why should you choose coaching with Capital EA?

The Principles of Capital EA have over 25 years’ experience working with a variety of executives and EAs, helping them achieve great things. Our goal is to provide valued and trusted advice that will nurture and develop effective relationships between Senior Executives and Executive Assistants. 

If you’re ready to make a difference to your employees and transform your leadership then register for the Capital EA workshop today. Or, if you still have a few questions, you can book one of our complimentary 30-minute consultation calls with one of our expert team members.