Questions to ask before you apply for your next role

When considering a new role, you have to do your research!  The last thing you want to do is end up in a company you hate, doing a job you don’t love.  So how do you get all forensic about it?

Let’s start with values.

Does the company operate in an industry you support or have an interest in?  Being aligned and supportive of the industry is one thing, but if you’re deeply passionate about it, that’s even better.  To assess if you’re aligned, consider:

  • Are you excited to learn more about the company?
  • Have their previous projects made an impact on you?
  • Does the company have social media channels that echo its values?
  • What do their online reviews say about them?
  • Are you connected with anyone on Linkedin who can provide you insight?

If you believe there is value alignment, then the next step is to confirm that there is a fit with the manager and team.  It’s time to ask questions!

During the application process, we encourage you to connect with the position’s contact officer to ask questions about the role and elements of employment which are a priority for you.

Let’s find out about flexibility

If you seek the flexibility to work from home or need to do school drop off and pick up, then ask about their flexible workplace policy. A good workplace will be very comfortable communicating its policy and you’ll find they’ll weave in examples of how it works in practice into your conversation.

In a ‘post-Covid’ world, you’ll find that almost all companies now offer hybrid work models, because they value employee retention and realise this is the new norm!

Investment in employees

For many, the opportunity to learn and grow in a role is vital; none of us want to be stagnant!  Ask the contact officer about the company’s approach to continuous learning and professional development.  Do they offer an in-house learning program?  Do they have an annual performance cycle? What charity or social programs do they support?

What about the team?

Ask about the team, the manager, and their background.  What kind of people would you be working with? Some work environments are more suited to extroverts, some to introverts. Similarly, some work environments will require you to have impeccable human relations skills as you will be dealing with a lot of people, while some just need you to get in, get the job done, and get out. It’s always important to understand the dynamic of the workplace before you apply and make sure it’s suited to the way you like to work.

What does the role contribute?

In any role, you need to understand how you can contribute. We always ask about the major projects, when will they are due to deliver and why they’re essential to the company or customers.  Lastly, ask how the person in the role will contribute to or support the projects.

Role clarity

Seeking out a role that offers a good pace of work, provides opportunities for growth, and gets to deliver on activities that excite you, is essential.  Ask the contact officer about a typical day, how work is assigned and what the immediate priorities for the next three to six months are? A job description and duty statement should be available, but if it’d not, then ask the contact officer if you can have a copy to review.

Are you looking for your next role?

We’re passionate about making sure our candidates find the right job and we’re always looking for EAs, PAs and VAs to fill positions.  If you’re looking for your next role, connect with our Talent Management team so we can assist you to make the right move into a role that you’ll love!


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