Tax deductions for EAs and Office Admins

Office Admin

Want maximum cashback in your pocket at tax time?  Yep, us too!  We’ve done the research so we can help you to gather up all the receipts for the items you may be able to claim as a tax deduction.   

Self-education expenses

Did you attend one of our programs or our conference? If you paid for the course, then you can claim it as a deduction.  You may also be able to claim:

  • Travel costs associated with attending the course
  • Accommodation costs, where relevant
  • Equipment purchased for the course
  • Manuals and course-related journals.

Working from home

We’re sure everyone at some point in the last financial year worked had to work from home.  Tally up the days and hours you worked to claim on a per-hour basis or the tally up total running cost for your home office.  Your tax advisor will be able to help you determine the best method for your circumstance.

Office equipment

Did you buy a new chair, keyboard, mouse, headset, desk organiser or printer?  If you bought them to work from home, then they too are considered tax-deductible.

Technology and apps

Bought a new laptop?  Most likely you’ve invested a bit into your laptop, so it may need to be depreciated over a couple of years.  For your tax return, you’ll need the date of purchase and the price. 

Also, consider what apps, you use for your work?  Do you have a Canva subscription to help you prepare presentations?  What about productivity apps, MS Office subscriptions, or Antivirus software?  Track down the receipts and add them to your tally.

Travel for work

Do you run other errands for your boss or anyone else at work during the day? It’s likely you regularly have to pick up the mail, stationery, or food and beverages for meetings after you have arrived at work.

With the exception of travel to and from work, any travel you undertake after you’ve arrived at work may be considered  tax-deductible and can include:

  • Bus fares
  • Train fares
  • Taxi fares
  • Hire car expenses
  • Plane flights
  • Private car use
  • Bridge and road tolls

Other deductions

There are a number of other deductions you may be able to claim as an admin, including:

  • The work-related percentage of your personal mobile phone costs
  • Union and professional association fees
  • Charity donations
  • Subscriptions to job-related journals and magazines
  • Income protection premiums paid outside of your Superannuation
  • Tax agent fees for preparing last year’s tax return.

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