Virtual Executive Assistants

Are you missing out on important events or potential business opportunities because your diary is out of control or because your emails are not being actioned? Does the thought of booking flights and accommodation just seem like another burden, so you don’t take that business trip? How about the thought of tax time or file management, does that send you into a tail spin? Do you crave a bit of work-life balance?

At Capital EA, we have been working with executives for well over 20 years. Knowing how to assist executives is our business and we are proud to say that we are experts at it. We put our clients first and work with you on getting the job done, no matter how big or small.

Our aim is to create the order and space you need so you can get on with achieving your objectives, as well as freeing you up to have some work-life balance. Capital EA can support you by cutting through the chaos and putting in place our well-established processes and order, allowing you time and energy to focus on reaching your outcomes and giving you the space to breathe, think and create.