Want to build your EA career path?

The EA Insights Program will provide you with strategies, insights and time-proven tools to help you identify, create or revamp your vision for your career – and develop a career plan that will activate the steps to achieve your goals.

Keen to seek promotion to senior levels but don’t know where to begin? 
Do you feel stuck or fear you may not be able to go any further in your career? 
Do you feel under- appreciated and that your work is not recognised or valued? 

The EA Insights Program is an intensive one-day course designed for EAs who want to move to senior levels. It is also for EAs seeking to transition into the APS, and for private sector EAs, who currently or wish to support C-suite executives.

Presented by none other than talented career EAs with much experience and know how. Capital EA facilitates a day like nothing you’ve attended prior. If you’re ready to change, listen and learn new skills, you’re invited to participate.
Transform your perspective, performance and priorities – and open doors for your future.

Upcoming EA Insights Program dates are available here:

1. Workplace performance
You will be better equipped to anticipate the best ways to support SES Officers, and your organisation’s Executive and their EAs. Importantly, you will learn more about the APSC Integrated Leadership System – and how it applies to you.

2. Unlimited support and guidance
Over the course of the one-day intensive program, you will gain unlimited support, guidance and advice to help you plan and build your ideal career plan.

3. Follow-up coaching
Turbo charge your insights and outcomes from the program with follow up coaching sessions (4 x 1 hour one-on-one coaching sessions). Normally $880, we are offering an exclusive 30% discount ($616) to program participants, on registration.

Why should you book this workshop?

The EA Insights program is not like other training you may have done. We have tailored this program to suit the needs of their participants. They offer a personalised experience where you can ask as many questions as you like and the program is very hands on. You will leave the workshop feeling inspired and motivated to make a change in your career.

Our workshop provides senior-level perspectives, perfect for career-driven EAs! Here’s what participants have to say:
“You are both amazing, 10/10!”
“It was inspirational and a great ‘refresher’ around my own beliefs.”
“Holistic, hands-on with realistic presenters who shared relevant insights and practical advice.” 

Download EA Insights Program Brochure and register here…you won’t be disappointed!

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