Out of the comfort zone

I am sitting here thinking about what I want to say and feeling very uncomfortable about writing down my thoughts and sharing them with others to read. This is very much out of my comfort zone.

I have been a stay at home mum for the last 2 years and have just started my new job with Capital EA. I put off looking for work for a while because the thought of leaving my kids and my home and having to learn a new job was a scary idea. It was comfortable to be able to get up, put my hair in a ponytail, chuck on some clothes and only see my kids all day. I wasn’t challenging myself at all. The hardest part of my day was arguing with my kids to get dressed or eat their food.

I finally built up the courage to start looking for work and applying for jobs. The funny thing was once I started writing the applications, I realised how much I missed being at work and using my mind in a different way. The idea of going in for interviews was exciting because it was a challenge for myself to see what I could do, what could I remember about being in the work force and what new things had I learned from my time at home that I could bring to a new job.

Once I started work I found myself very much out of my comfort zone. I now needed to not only make an effort to get ready in the mornings but also make conversation with lots of different people. Being an introverted person this was a challenge for me. On top of these things, I also had to learn all about my new company and the role I was now in. Sometimes I felt like I needed to re train my mind with simple tasks like using a computer or how to answer a phone call but thankfully most things came back to me very quickly.

The longer I am in this role the bigger the challenges are becoming. I am now learning how to bring more of my personality to the job and how to network. I am overcoming some personal barriers with confidence to ensure I am completing my work the best way possible.

I am now realising that all of these challenges, big and small equal growth, being uncomfortable means I am learning and growing as a person, the more uncomfortable I am the bigger the lesson I am learning. I am looking forward to seeing what new challenges I will face during my career because I want to see just what I am capable of, not only in my career, but in life. It’s easy to continue doing what you know but the only way to grow and learn is to try something new.

At Capital EA we know Rachel is not alone when it comes to being out of your comfort zone. Often returning to the workforce can be difficult after having a short or long break. Whether it is because a career change is wanted, flexible working arrangements are now needed, or because you need help rebuilding lost confidence or setting new career goals. It can be hard knowing where to start and once there, how to manage new expectations and requirements of you. Ursula Kohler, Managing Director, at Capital EA provides one-on-one specialised coaching sessions not only for Executive Assistants, but for all administrative professionals looking to get back into the workforce, starting a new career, or for people looking to transition in a role. Read about Capital EA Coaching.

Are you looking for you next dream job? Whether you have just had a baby, wanting to return to the workforce after 10 years, or just looking for something new, Capital EA can help. Our friendly staff combined with personalised selection and matching processes make our candidates feel comfortable when they come to see us. Connections with the right organisations and departments in both the public and private sectors help us place our candidates in rewarding careers that align with their goals.

Read about Capital EA Recruitment today or give us a call for a confidential discussion on 0408 117 788 or 02 6109 0333.

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