One of a kind!

Many who have met Ursula Kohler, Capital EA’s Managing Director, have been quick to recognise her as a rockstar EA.  Her secret weapon? She oozes a warm communication style that deliverers results with pinpoint accuracy. Bam! Pow! Delivered, and taken care of with a smile.

But I also believe Ursula is kicking goals for another reason.

She builds women up.

In work places filled with attention seeking, competitive and aggressive behaviour I love that Ursula radiates another way to get the job done: one of strength; support; and empowerment. One of kindness.

Kindness is contagious. It is a spark that spreads and it encourages you to connect in a genuine and motivated way. What better way to get the job done and still feel you want to put your hand up for more?

If there is one thing watching (too many) hours of Sex in the City taught me in my twenties – when Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda powered through their wonderful New York adventures, parading in Prada and fuelled by countless Manhattan cocktails, they were a strong team. Strong in their knowledge that they each had the others back. Their friendship was unquestionably rooted in their kindness to each other.

Never underestimate the power of a little kindness. When we’re supportive of others, we’re not only making a difference in their lives but in our lives as well. Kindness brings out the best in people, it warms us to a more open and honest environment at work.

And let’s face it – an unkind workplace is the pits. I find them cold, draining and deeply unsatisfying.

Kindness wreckers make you feel like you’re not good enough. Wreckers are negative, using your weaknesses against you to make themselves feel better or superior.

Although I am naturally not a competitive person, I have successfully worked in extremely competitive environments. I still want to achieve and take pride in how I get results. I also need to feel good about who I am, and the relationships I have at work.

Like Ursula, I like to think I have a different set of tools to achieve my goals than many. My tools encourage more productive and trusting relationships with my co-workers, stakeholders and clients.

Kindness is something we teach our kids but have forgotten its value as adults.

It was the former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama who told us we need to: “Choose people who lift you up”. I couldn’t agree more. Why not start by choosing you? Set your own scene, and be a person who is chosen.  Be the person who lifts up.

Be Kind. Actively ListenBe inclusive. Encourage. 

Meredith Horne


Meredith has more than twenty years experience in media, policy and politics. She explores the world whenever she gets the chance but loves living in Canberra with her husband, young son, and menagerie of pets.

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