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As a personal assistant, I endeavour to make the life of one of our client more efficient, enjoyable, and healthy.

One method I’ve realized that meets all three of these objectives, is the practice of pre-cooking and then freezing well-balanced and nutritious meals.

To achieve this goal, I’ve reached out to Hello Fresh.

Dear readers, I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Hello Fresh. But in case you haven’t, get excited! This blog is not just about the plethora of recipes I’ve encountered, but also how I’ve adopted Hello Fresh to make my own personal life easier.

So, what is Hello Fresh?

Hello Fresh is a grocery delivery service. I prefer to use the term “grocery delivery” vice “meal delivery.” I do this, because although all the ingredients are delivered to your door, the ingredients do not arrive pre-cooked. Hello Fresh delivers pre-proportioned ingredients and an accompanying recipe card, such that everything you need to make a meal is included. Yet, unlike meal-delivery services, Hello Fresh still allows you to enjoy the art of cooking!

I became acquainted with Hello Fresh roughly nine months ago. My client is a devoted subscriber to the delivery service and receives ingredients to make three meals which feed two people each week.

The service offers plans ranging from three to five meals a week, feeding either two or four people. Plans can also suit vegetarians and families if the classic meal option doesn’t quite fit your style.

After several months of cooking my client’s Hello Fresh and freezing the meals in individual containers for easy access later, I decided to jump on the band wagon!

My household subscribes to the five meals a week classic plan. Each week, we select which meals we would like delivered as part of our weekly subscription – a task that is quite fun! Hello Fresh offers nine meals each week you and your family may choose from; these meal options include five meat, two vegetarian, one fish, and one fancy meal (this last option is available for an additional surcharge, but the previous eight options are all included in your subscription’s base cost).

Meals typically take 25-40 minutes to make – and this includes meal prep time, such as chopping and veggie washing. While the service requires your household to maintain a few pantry items, such as olive oil and sugar, it otherwise provides every single ingredient required to make the meal. Some of these items, such as marinated goat’s cheese, Bengali curry, and fresh herbs, are locally sourced and perfectly proportioned such that nothing goes to waste.

Both my client and my household have yet to encounter a Hello Fresh recipe we didn’t enjoy. With the delivery service’s wide range of meal options, it’s hard not to find something your dinner table can’t all get around. If you’re interested in making your cuisine life a little simpler, cost-effective, environmentally friendly (all packaging is recyclable or biodegradable), and yummy, then let me recommend trying Hello Fresh.

Bon Appetite!

Renae pictured here with her partner Josh

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