EA Showcase | Harry Burgess

This month’s EA showcase is Harry Burgess, Executive Assistant at the Department of Finance.

Our goal is to raise the profile of EAs with a view to build awareness of the Executive Assistant role by sharing the diversity that the role entails, continue to share tips and tricks, encourage each other and talk about the journey in which we all take.

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Harry Burgess

Capital EA Canberra - Harry Burgess EA Showcase

  1. Your name and your role?

Hello, I am Harry Burgess – Executive Assistant to two Senior Executive Service Band 1 employees in Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (M&PS) Division in the Department of Finance.

  1. Do you remember the first day you became an EA?

I know it all too well. I moved up to my new area and decided to change the appearance and shape of my desk to make it more resourceful, not only for me but for the 2 branches I was looking after. I developed new systems for my note-taking, filing, and emails and I changed the overarching way I worked. I met everyone in the area and made a note of which areas I would most likely be in regular contact with and I got to work.

  1. What would you consider to be the most rewarding part of your position as an EA?

I love to communicate with everyone in my workplace. It’s how I get my job done. I have developed relationships with people that I would now consider my friends and I maintain open communication channels with stakeholders and employees in all different areas. I am very client focussed and I always aim to please those I have dealings with, whether it be something very menial, like grabbing a coffee for my boss or something so in-depth that it takes ages to accomplish.

I also love to receive positive feedback. It’s very humbling to see that another staff member has appreciated my work to the extent that they are giving feedback. As a morale and confidence booster to staff, I have developed “Harry’s Hot Tip” which is presented at one of the branch meetings I go to. In this segment of the meeting, I come up with a “Hot Tip” of sorts to help staff with any problems staff may be facing. After presenting this I always see smiles on people’s faces and I always receive great feedback on the tips I present.

  1. What was a role that you have owned or an experience you have had, that helped shape your success in your current position?

Prior to starting as an EA, I worked as a member of the Physical and Protective Security Team within the Department of Finance for a year. This role had me working with a variety of employees, including high ranking members, such as the head of the organisation, in assisting with the implementation of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) which is administered by the Attorney General’s Department.

Working in this role enabled me to set up and maintain relationships with areas all over the Department of Finance. It also set me up with the skills and confidence I needed to transition from being a process worker to becoming the problem solver and the crowd-pleaser I am today. 

  1. What are the three items you can’t work without?   
  1. Music – When I am overwhelmed with work, there’s nothing better than to put my headphones on and get down to business.
  2. Food – I’m a big eater, so whenever I get the chance, I’m snacking on something healthy to stay energised throughout the day
  3. My notebook and pen – Both are essential if I am to take note of any phone calls that come through.

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