Board Secretariat Support

What is it and how can Capital EA help you?

Just wanted to spread the word about what Board Secretariat support Capital EA can help you or your colleagues out with. 

I find Board Secretariat work enjoyable and rewarding, and I get to work with great people who are doing great things. It’s generally cyclical work and here’s a bit of a snapshot of how the cycle works:

Before the meeting…… 

  • About 3 weeks before the Board meeting, I draft up an agenda for the next Board meeting and send it off to the Chair or CEO for comment and then tick tack with them until the agenda is finalised. 
  • I also work with the various teams to ensure that Board papers are underway and back in time for clearance before all papers are finalised. 
  • Once I’ve been given the all clear on papers by the Chair or CEO, I then bundle up the Board papers electronically and send them out to Board members and the executive teams.

The Board meeting…… 

  • I attend the Board meetings and ‘record’ (ie type up) the main points raised during Board discussions, as well as noting action items and who is responsible for each action and when they need to be completed by. 

The minutes …… 

  • Over the next day or so, I sit in my office at home and work on the minutes. 
  • This involves condensing everything I’ve recorded (sometimes this can be 8 to 10 pages of notes) and producing accurate and succinct minutes. 
  • I find music and the Pomodoro Technique really helps me stay focused when I’m working from home. 
  • Once I’m happy with the minutes, I send them off to the Chair or CEO for comment and clearance.
  • As soon as they are cleared, I send them out to Board members and the executive team and keep track of action items and what needs to be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Then it all starts over again…

So, are you (or someone you know) a Chair or a Director or a CEO of a business, government or not-for-profit Board? Are you spending valuable time coordinating and preparing Board agendas and papers? Or are you spending time at Board meetings focussing on taking down notes rather than focussing on important strategic Board matters? 

Then let our highly-qualified Board Secretariat team at Capital EA take care of all your Board secretariat needs, so you can put your energy and attention towards important Board matters.

Our team specialises in recording and producing high-quality, accurate, succinct and timely minutes.

We can also:

  • Schedule and coordinate Board, committee and subcommittee meetings;
  • Coordinate, prepare and distribute all Board papers;
  • Ensure accountability of actions to be noted;
  • Ensure accountability of actions assigned to other members; and
  • Provide governance support, including maintaining ASIC and/or ACNC registers and coordinating yearly reporting.

Our team is also very well equipped to provide a summary/précis of meeting papers, analytical research, speech preparation, coordination of speaking commitments and coordination of effective briefing materials.

In addition to the above, Capital EA are also stars in:

  • Diary Management
  • Travel Management
  • Virtual Office Management
  • Expense management, including bookkeeping; and 
  • Lots of other things

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