Being an EA and a Mum – how you can be a powerhouse at both!

Nothing quite prepares you when you become a parent but becoming a mum doesn’t mean that we have to give up our career – especially a career that we love! 

In some ways, 2020 was a great leap into a better work-life balance. Working from home is now a normal way of life and this really helps us mums to juggle things a bit easier. Take it from one Mum with 2 kids who still enjoy a fruitful career, it is possible to have both. Some of the ways that I juggle being an EA and a Mum.


This is a must with your employer when you have children. Work out a schedule that works for your employer and you. Some employers would be totally comfortable with you working a few hours in the evening and a few days at home – they are happy as long as the work is completed and completed to targets! Have that discussion, you will be surprised. Let’s face it, the majority of us have a family and understand. 


One thing we EA’s are exceptional at is organisation. We manage multiple inboxes, travel arrangements, meetings, documents…the list goes on. So surely, we can organise our little people. Plan out your week from when you do your food shopping right down to packing bags for daycare the night before to save you time. 

Be present

To our children, we are everything. They want us to spend time with them, play with them, read to them, so one thing I make sure when I’m not working is that I’m focusing all my attention on them. I want them to look back and think ‘my childhood was awesome!’ not ‘I just remember my mum was always working’. When it’s kid time, it’s kid time. They will appreciate the effort and in return, you will build an amazing bond – but they also know that us mum’s hustle hard to give them a great life!

Get help 

As much as we want to do everything ourselves, we need to know when to ask for help. Even if you are working from home, getting childcare really takes the burden off and you can focus on the tasks you are doing. Find a great daycare centre – one that you trust, and the kids will thrive. Ask family – grandparents just want to be around our little ones, so if you have them to hand, ask them for help. Even a couple of hours will give you the chance to smash out a few tasks and you’ll feel more accomplished.

Breath, Mama!!

We all get mum guilt but working shouldn’t be one! We’ve built our careers as EA’s over a long period of time. You don’t have to give up what you love to be a mum so please, take a breath. You’re doing the best you can… your children know that, and your employer knows that.

Let’s connect

Want to connect with other women (and men) who are working as EAs and juggling life/work and everything else which is thrown their way? Join members of our team at one of our upcoming workshops, our annual EA Conference, or connect with us through the LEAD EA Network.

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