When it comes to seeking employment, having a personal brand is essential!

Michelle Mitchell
Ms Michelle Mitchell, Personal Branding Expert

We all know the old saying it’s not what you know; it’s who you know. We’ve all heard that saying and more than likely we have said it from time to time. I know I have! However, in 2020 and the proliferation of social media, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Social media if you like it or not, impacts the way people see you, they will take what they see OR don’t see and form an opinion of you.

Did you know 70% of employers use social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram to research prospective employees before hiring them? 70% per cent! It’s not just LinkedIn – Facebook and Instagram get checked.  



Are you sharing your TikTok videos to Insta??? Think about that for a second… If you are looking for a change in career or going for that promotion, companies want to see if you will fit their culture BEFORE you get an interview. 

“But I have a private account, and I barely share anything”, not having any kind of personal brand (social media presence) is no longer a haven. You need to be strategic about putting your best foot forward. With the proliferation of social media, it has become essential for everyone to embrace personal branding. A personal brand done well will lead to opportunities in all areas of your life, when it comes to employment, it can have more of an impact than your resume!

When it comes to seeking employment, having a personal brand is essential FULL STOP. Having a strong personal brand will complement the skills on your resume and make you stand out. It allows potential employers to see you as a whole, not just a name in a pile of applicants.

Is a personal brand real? 

“People only post the positives on their on social media; it’s not a real representation of their lives…”

Yes, some are fake and quite frankly obnoxious, but you can create a personal brand that has depth. Showing your flaws, success, and personality is the framework to build your brand around. This year 3.8 billion people will be on social media worldwide, almost half of the world’s population. Take out children and much older generations then that statistic is enormous.

“OK so everyone’s on social media I get it, why do I need to care about what I’m sharing? I’m just doing what everyone else is doing?”

Let me ask you this, have you ever met someone or seen on Facebook a familiar name from your past and you cannot help but click their profile to see what they look like and what they have been up to? Of course, you have, curiosity kicks in and you want to know more.

One thing I do know is if you are not in the driver’s seat of the narrative, others will create it for you. They will take what they see, or DON’T see and form an opinion, and that will translate into an image of you. Do you want to take that chance?

We have all been taught as children that first impressions count, right? As children, we are encouraged to have our hair brushed, shoes polished, teeth cleaned, confident and ready for the world to see. Simple things that make a significant difference. 

We are happy for that to be fundamental in day to day life. But often, we become defensive about putting our best foot forward on social media. Admitting you take a brushed, polished, clean approach will get an eye roll from many. It can leave you feeling vain and ridiculous that you care. Giving you the excuse of not caring.

But care we must!

Personal branding is becoming more and more important due to the multitude of benefits that it brings to one’s business and professional goals.

Every day, recruiters turn to the internet to find their next great hire. They want to be able to see that you fit with the company’s culture and make sure the things you post wouldn’t be harmful to the organisation in any way. But once you find your dream job, the importance of your social visibility doesn’t go away—you simply move from representing yourself to representing the company you work for, and a credible online presence will help you and your company be successful.

You want your social media to be a reflection of your life, but where it can give you opportunities! Let it work as hard as you are!

How do you do that? 

Remember, as kids; we are to have our hair brushed, shoes polished, teeth cleaned, confident and ready for the world to see. The steps for developing and showcasing your personal brand are the same.

BRUSHED – POLISHED – CLEAN – CONFIDENT anything less will be doing you a disservice. 


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