Certified Coaching & Mentoring – Tailored 5 Session Package


One-on-One Coaching tailored to YOU and YOUR needs!




Ursula works one-on-one with EAs, PAs and Office Professionals to help them tackle the challenges facing them in their current role and for any potential roles being sought. Providing advice and  guidance to build their confidence, negotiation skills and and know-how. We work in this space from a place of experience and overall success in the role with over 25 years in the industry. Ursula has worked at all levels of the role in both the private and public sectors.

We also collaborate with other EA coaches across Australia and utilise our LEAD EA Network Partners, to canvass capability strengths on various topics, establishing the strongest possible fit to capitalise on the amazing skills already possessed.

Sessions are individually tailored to cover just what you need – whether you’re just starting out in this rewarding career, as a newly promoted EA or a more seasoned EA/PA wanting to re-energise your career.

This package includes 5 sessions, delivered either face to face, online or via telephone.