How To Write A Competitive Resume in 2022

When it comes to resumes, we’ve seen quite a few in our time.  Each week we review at least 20, looking for the perfect fit for our clients.

So, what makes a good resume in 2022?  Glad you asked!

First up, IMPACT! 

We want to be knocked off our chairs in the first few lines.  If you have three sentences to catch an employer’s attention, then you need to start strong.  Your first line needs to tell us why you need to be our number one candidate.

Instead of, ‘I have 16 years experience as Executive Assistant, working in Government.’, which makes you sound like you just get tea and print papers,  instead try, ‘I’m an experienced executive business partner, with extensive executive office management skills and demonstrated experience in supporting a range of government policy and program areas.’ 

See what we did there?  This makes it sound like you run the place and support your Executive to manage the workload of the business unit, which if you have 16 years experience, is what you most likely do!

Second, keywords are the key!

When employing people, we look for people who will fit with the Executive and the culture of the organisation.  If you want to increase your chances of getting an interview, then your resume needs to read as if you already fit!

Our tip, scan the job description to make sure you’re adding the keywords in the description in your resume.  Try and replace your version of the word, for theirs.  For example:

  • Customer – Client
  • Success Metric – Results
  • Business Support – Team Management/Office Management
  • Executive Office – C-suite.

If you’re asked to prepare a pitch, then be sure to incorporate the keywords into your pitch.   It’s a small (but effective) detail.

Third, set up your socials to support you! 

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again, your public image matters, especially if you’re a representative of an executive.

Recruiters will scroll through your LinkedIn profile to match up your resume and see who you’re connected with and your professional interests.

As for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – while these are social sharing platforms, we encourage you to keep the content safe for work.  Even though it shouldn’t be used in consideration for employment, images of you will be judged by anyone who sees them, especially a prospective employer, so make sure it’s content you would be happy to share with your workplace.

Lastly, make your resume short, sharp AND to the point.

If your resume waffles for several pages, then chances are you’re not getting an interview because you’ve put the recruiter to sleep!  You have to make an impact (see our first point).  If you’re unsure of how to write your resume for maximum impact, then engaging a recruitment expert is highly recommended.  Our Talent Management Team can provide this service, so be sure to ask when you connect.

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