Capital EA Executive Assistant Retreat 2020 – I can’t wait!

Capital EA Executive Assistant Retreat 2020 – I can’t wait!

What better way to start a new year than with the planning of our Capital EA 2020 Retreat; to be held at Bannisters Pavilion Mollymook Beach.

The Capital EA team has been working with vigour to pull everything together; from securing the guest speakers and activity providers, shelling out the schedule, and having our brochure branded up by our graphic design team – to be delivered to your inbox shortly! We are going to have some amazing speakers and businesses join us to put together this enriching event for you all.

In light of the recent devastation to the South Coast region, we would like to let you know that we are invested in sourcing as many local Shoalhaven businesses as possible. The timing of this event couldn’t be better and it has allowed us to support the region in their time of need.

I am personally excited to attend the Capital EA 2020 retreat as I love to connect with like-minded people. The drive that EAs possess creates an energetic and uplifting environment and who wouldn’t want to be around that?! The Retreat is exclusively limited which will allow an intimate experience with one another and with our invited guest speakers. Since we will be on location at Bannisters Pavilion for a full 2 days, and 2 fun-filled nights, this will allow conversations to continue with ease and flow, for connections to blossom, and for sincere relationships to establish. To walk away from this retreat with a genuine EA Network, I will feel rewarded and blessed. We all know how much easier it is to ask for help, or to give help, when we trust in the person we are dealing with.

The professionalism of Capital EA along with the cumulative experience of our team members and invited guest speakers is sure to make this a life changing experience. I like to go into opportunities like this with an open mind. A friend once said to me, “Go into opportunities with a ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ attitude and you will 100% learn something new”. And to learn even one useful piece of information, intention or tool from this event will make it 100% worthwhile for my professional development. However, I already know from seeing our line-up that I’m going to gain multiple learnings for my growth as an EA.

Our accommodation for the event is split into single and twin share rooms. Did I mention that we are staying at Bannister Pavilion… on Mollymook Beach… Hello retreat vibes!!! I have previously had the benefit of twin sharing accommodation multiple times with ladies I didn’t know, and I wanted to share my experience with you all. *please note that ladies and gents will not be sharing rooms.

At first, the thought of sharing a room with someone else sounded like a loss of my entitlement as an adult. I mean I hadn’t shared a room with someone other than a partner or a sibling which is an intimate relationship and totally customary. What I didn’t expect was the friendships that I was going to build with these ladies. Sharing a room with someone builds a bond. You develop in-house jokes, help each other out with domestic-like tasks, and create warmth in an unknown environment. The things that you think may be awkward are totally forgotten the moment you get to know one another.

At the retreat you will have time to get to know one another at the Networking Dinner and Drinks on Wednesday, over a full gourmet continental breakfast each day, and at the informal 3-course dinner and trivia night – whoops, did I let that out of the bag?? I assure you; your rooms will be a place for rest only with the amount of activities we have got organised for you!

Capital EA Executive Assistant Retreat March 2020 – I can’t wait! I look forward to getting to meet some amazing people and hope to see YOU there.


Want to know more about our Capital EA Executive Assistant Retreat on 25th to 27th March? Or do you want to obtain one of our programs to check out our amazing lineup of guest speakers? Register your interest and we will be in touch! Alternatively, give us a call on 02 6109 0333 or 0408 117 788 and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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