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We’ve come to our last EA Showcase for the year, and that is none other than….drum roll……Maree Tindall! I feel like I’ve known Maree forever,I am sure there are many of you that have had a chat to her in coordinating a visit or meeting your executive accordingly. I always find it interesting hearing about what people studied or ‘wanted to be when they grew up’, we don’t all end up with what we really seek, but there is something about what we do that seems to all fall into place at times, and it sounds like Maree is exactly in the right role, being an Executive Assistant! Congratulations Maree on loving your role and best wishes to everyone for a safe and relaxed Christmas and New Year.

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Maree Tindall

Maree standing outside the New Zealand High Commission

Name your current role?

Executive Assistant to the High Commissioner, Chris Seed and Deputy High Commissioner, Llewellyn Roberts, New Zealand High Commission.

Do you remember the first day you became an EA?

My first job was a legal stenographer for a country law firm.  That job came about after doing work experience with that firm during a 12 month secretarial course at TAFE and I was lucky enough to secure a position before I graduated.   I ended up staying there for 10.5 years and loved it.

How long have you been an EA?

I’ve been doing secretarial work for a long time and have only ever had three jobs.  I can’t even imagine doing anything else.   Although I did study to be a wool classer and a beauty therapist at different times.

What would you consider to be the most difficult part of your day?

Keeping up to date with internal news from Head Office in Wellington.  We have three different sources and some days I just don’t have time to read everything.

What would you consider to be the most rewarding part of your position as an EA?

Knowing that I add real value to the Post’s outcomes, whether that is a high level visit, a function or the day to day running of the High Commissioner’s diary.

I ensure the High Commissioner’s day runs smoothly and enabling him to focus on the more important issues and the demands of such a high profile job.

What was a role that you have owned or an experience you have had, that helped shaped your success in your current position?

My first job as a legal stenographer was the most valuable experience I have had.  I had to prioritise and work under pressure on a regular basis.  I was required to type wills for clients while they waited and this was done on an electric typewriter…no computers!   My second job was for a Commercial Real Estate Agent in the Valuation Department.  This role was fast paced at times and I dealt with a lot of demands from clients and Banks.

What skill do you possess that you believe is crucial to your role?

Being organised and flexible!  My current role is so diversified, some days I wear many hats….diary manager, event manager, travel agent, driver, florist and waitress!

I have the ability to “look around corners”, to see potential problems or requirements emerging, and to deal with them effectively before they become significant.

What are three items you can’t work without?

  • Lists – I can’t live without them (both work & home).
  • My contacts – having a great network is essential when I have to ask for unrealistic or difficult requests.
  • Computer – We recently experienced no internet for 1.5 days and it was a challenge.

 What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy cooking, pilates, knitting, catching up with family and friends.  I love farm activities and spending time at the family farm when I can, but unfortunately I do not get there as much as I’d like.

Any tips you’d like to share with your fellow EAs?

  • Remember if you didn’t achieve everything you wanted to in a day, there is always tomorrow, if it’s not time sensitive, it can wait!
  • Know that you do make a difference!
With one of Maree’s favourite Chefs, Annabel Langbein – the High Commission hosted a book signing event a few years ago.


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