Two Day Advanced Management Program (AMP)


Upcoming Locations and Dates

SOLD OUT! | Canberra: 4-5 March & 8-9 September 2021
Email us to be placed on Canberra the cancellations list.

Brisbane: 7-8 October 2021

Stay Tuned for 2022 Upcoming Dates to be advised

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The Program

Developed by Senior and C-Suite high-profile EAs to equip you with critical information that no one tells you in the role of a successful EA. This program is designed to get you thinking, have you feeling challenged in a supportive and empowering environment. You will have a deep understanding of your role and that of your Executives, but there is so much more to learn about the role than you would have never thought possible.

The opportunity to network and form long lasting professional relationships with like-minded professionals will also enhance further opportunities to learn across different business portfolios.


  • Experienced Executive Assistants/Personal Assistants
  • C-Suite Executive Assistants/Personal Assistants
  • Executive Officers

Session Outline

Day 1

Session 1: Key findings of a successful EA/PA
We share the statistics with you and discuss the variables in having a successful long-term career and discover your own intellectual property.
Session 2: Breaking down the silos associated with being an EA and leading from within
Supporting our senior executive from a place of security and trust by setting key milestones.
Session 3: Reflecting on resilience and why reflection is the first step to building more of it
High-pressure, high-volume environments require stability and a resilient foundation.
Session 4: We break down ‘Expectations’ from both the Executive and EA/PA perspective!
What can you do to understand the many reasons the fit is so important in our roles.

Day 2

Session 1: Influencing and negotiating is an art at the best of times – learn 3 key tips that works like a charm!
Ever been told you could sell ice to eskimos? We all have the internal salesperson in us, so let’s find it.
Session 2: Overcoming fear to power through situations (invited guest speakers)
It’s the very thing that holds us back from creating the life we dreamed of. We work through our own fears and break them down one by one.
Partner up and discuss topics that are analysed and responded with honest feedback from our peers.
Session 3: Defined communication techniques that includes understanding the V.I.B.E.S principals
There are trillions of signals, codes and messages thrown around when communicating. Using the Neuro-linguistic (NLP) Meta Program we workshop our own messaging.
Session 4: Understanding the true nature of managing diversity and what you can do to keep it real in your role
History tells us the evolution of the EA/PA role has changed astronomically. We look at the drivers and implications that everyone should be aware of.
Session 5: Balancing your workload and creating an insightful future
It’s difficult to define a work/life balance, but we can create an insightful future by learning how we stack up right now.


PLEASE NOTE: Successful completion of this intensive two day development program requires your input and collaboration with fellow attendees. Maximum participants will be capped at 20 for this purpose and falls within the covid-19 safety standards and regulations.

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Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide


19-20 August, 23-24 September, 7-8 October